Ornament Storage Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Keep your ornaments for years to come by following these tips in proper ornament storage.

    Allison Howard: We invest a lot in our holiday ornaments and not just money. These special treasures hold sentimental value and need to be cared for. Here are top tips for keeping your ornaments safe so they'll be around for years to come.

    First, decide what you're going to use for storage. It's a good idea to invest in some plastic containers with resealable lids. Make sure to clearly label each box so you will have no difficulty finding the boxes each year. When packing up your ornaments, keep them grouped by the location in your home you use them. you will be thankful next year.

    Inside each of your storage containers, ornaments should be wrapped individually. You can use sheets of paper towels for protection so you can select the right size based on how big or small each ornament is. If you still have the original box the ornament came in, use it. You can even use department store gift boxes or shoeboxes instead.

    And here is another idea, use the inserts from a wine box to organize your larger baubles within their plastic containers. Line the bottom of the container with double sheets of paper towels for extra protection. If you have really delicate ornaments, put them in individual resealable bags and fill with air creating an aircushion.

    Here is a tip for those antique ornaments that need a little extra care. Avoid storing them in plastic boxes as the lids can trap moisture and damage your fragile decoration. Invest in some archival storage boxes that feature acid free dividers and UV protection to guard against fading.

    And finally, keep those ornaments out of your basement and attic. Although this maybe a common storage place for your holiday decorations, the extreme changes in humidity and air temperature in these locations are hazardous to fragile ornaments. Place your containers in a closet or underused room in your home.

    Follow these simple tips and your favorite ornaments will last year after year.