Other Weight Loss Challenges

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dr. William McCarthy of the Northern Virginia Area Bariatric Consultants Weight Loss Center discusses other challenges that may arise when trying to lose weight and how to overcome those obstacles.

    Dr. William McCarthy: Hi! I am Dr. William McCarthy of the Northern Virginia Area Bariatric Consultants Weight Loss Center and today, I'm telling you how to overcome weight-loss challenges.

    Now, I'll discuss other weight-loss challenges such as medical problems that can present a barrier to weight-loss.

    Now many people lose weight for the sake of improving their overall health. Many diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, lipid or cholesterol disorders, sleep apnea, acid reflux, certain liver disease, joint pain; all of these can be improved or at least corrected by weight-loss.

    But on the flip side of the coin, there are medical problems that can actually interfere with weight-loss. Certain conditions may need very careful monitoring during weight-loss such as diabetes and hypertension. There are times when medications can actually be used for treating conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, or even depression that can interfere with weight-loss.

    What happens is that people take these medications to treat a problem that may even be a result of weight-gain and find that these medications themselves actually contribute to the problem. Sometimes these medications may need to be changed; you need to work with your physician when you're faced with this problem.

    Some people have medical conditions that can also interfere with optimum weight-loss. There are certain conditions such as thyroid disease or adrenal problems, even certain forms of arthritis and inflammation can interfere with weight-loss. These conditions can be brought under control and treated optimally and specifically with the use of drugs that don't cause extra weight-gain.

    There are some people that have physical limitations that could interfere with optimum weight-loss. Some of these conditions require medically-supervised weight-loss under the care of a physician trained in helping people lose weight.

    So those were some of the other weight-loss challenges such as medical conditions that may interfere with weight-loss.