Outdoor Holiday Decorations – Garlands & Wreaths

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kraig Ware, Founder and Chief Designer of LiteScapes, demonstrates how to decorate your home or business using holiday lights to make the season festive including tips for using garland and wreaths.

    Kraig Ware: Hello, Kraig Ware from Christmas Decor of Greater Richmond. We are showing you how to decorate your home or business using Christmas lights for the Christmas season. Right now I am going to show you a really dramatic technique that you can use to not only give your home a awesome look at night but also a awesome presentation during the day. It is day time decor and what that is, is simply garlands or wreaths. Garlands or wreaths is going to give your home or business a very welcoming feel during the day time hours but also at night if you do choose to have them lit day time decor also gives you an awesome look in the evening hours with mini lights. Basically within this garland that I have right here to my left, basically are mini lights. And mini lights are great because they use much less electricity than the C9 bulb that we show and we also use when we decorate for Christmas. So as you use your garland, the great thing to highlight in this particular case the handrails. They provide you awesome lighting for the stairs for safety, of course a very dramatic and welcoming look around the porches you can see behind me.

    Now when you secure a garland on a project, a lot of times you can just simply use these arms, on any garland especially a high quality garland, you have got some long arms right here and what you want to do is simply take these arms and wrap them around the structures that you going to do and twist them together like this. Now in this particular situation we can't do that, it's a little too wide. So instead of using a nail or a screw which could damage our trim in this case, we are going to use a zip tie.

    Now the nice thing about the zip tie is it's very flexible and at the end of the season all we have got to do is come here and cut this little band right here and that's going to cause us to come off with no problem. In subsequent years one of the great things you can do of garland make sure you put your little piece of tape right here on one of these arms and that will mark exactly where that goes on that staircase, so next year when you come back you know you have put that piece of tape right there on the stair well and it is going to fit perfect every time.

    Another great thing you can do for the day time decor is using wreaths. Wreaths are a great way to also integrate color or ornaments or anything you like to give your home a very rich and warm feeling, a welcoming feeling to your home or a business. I have just shown you how to use garlands and wreaths that highlight your home for the Christmas season. I hope that the tips that we gave using Christmas lights to decorate your home or business were helpful and thank you so much for watching.