Outdoor Holiday Decorations – Ground Lighting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kraig Ware, Founder and Chief Designer of LiteScapes, demonstrates how to decorate your home or business using holiday lights to make the season festive including ground lighting.

    Kraig Ware: Hello, Kraig Ware with Christmas Decor of Greater Richmond, Showing you how to decorate your home or business using Christmas lights for the Christmas season. We have talked about a lot of different applications for Christmas lighting and one of the most effective ways that you can do to light your home is actually use a stake lighting or ground lighting. Ground lighting could be done in many different ways. The way I am going to show you today is again using the C9 bulb that I have showed you earlier. It is the same strand just a different fastener. Now the fastener works very similar to the shingle tab with all-in-one clip that I showed you in the other clips. But right here this is called a universal stake. Now there maybe several different things in the stores that you go to maybe named differently but they are going to work the same way. These are also really good to also put up your extension cords up out of the water.

    But right here you have got the C9 strand just like we had before. They have got the bulb down in the socket. There is a couple of connectors right here. One side of the bulb's wire is going to go here, the other side of the bulb's wire is going to go right in this area and it works very simply. All you are going to do is take that wire, slide it into that little channel or opening. The same thing on this side. And what that does is that allows our bulb to sit right on top and you can drive that straight into the ground and keep giving your sidewalks, walkways, drive ways, landscape beds a really nice definitive look.

    Really what ground lighting does, if you do anything on the roof or anything on the house whatsoever, if your roof is lit and there is nothing on the ground it's going to look your home's hovering like a spacecraft or something. So we don't want that to happen. We want the ground lighting to balance out the lighting design, bringing the eye down to the ground and giving your home a very full and good design and overall effect to the curve.

    As you apply the C9 stacks into the ground one of the things you want to make sure of if you have a lot of snow in your area make sure that you get it about six to eight inches away. Now here when we are shooting today we don't have that issue. So we are little bit close to the sidewalk, but you have a heavy leaf removal or heavy snow removal especially on the driveway we are going to have some sort of heavy a equipment coming in. Make sure you get them at least eight inches or so away from that drive to keep them safe. Plus make sure you put them down in an area nice and straight and even. So if you got a drive the stake about that far in every stake, make sure you do it consistently throughout the whole project that would give your eye a very beautiful straight line in the evening hours. If you have any landscapers or any yard personnel or any delivery drivers it's a good idea when you first put them out, to put a couple of flags out or some caution tape just so they don't get damaged in the process and that makes everybody's life a little bit simpler. Those were some good ideas and good tips on how to use ground lighting for your Christmas Lighting, this season. Next we are going to show you how to do tree lighting.