Outdoor Holiday Decorations – Shrub Lighting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Kraig Ware, Founder and Chief Designer of LiteScapes, demonstrates how to decorate your home or business using holiday lights to make the season festive including tips for shrub lighting.

    Kraig Ware: Hi, Kraig Ware with Christmas Decor of Greater Richmond, showing you how to decorate your home or business using Christmas lights for the Christmas season. Now I am going to show you a very simple and effective well cast way to make an impact on your property. Most homes and businesses have some sort of shrub. In a way to make a nice impact using a mini light is simply what is called a canopy wrap on that shrub. Now we can again use any color that we want to use, in this particular case we are going to use a clear or white. Now the one thing I want you to know when you buy a set of mini lights make sure you look on the package. On the package there is going to be a rating, the electrical rating that this cord can handle. In other words in this particular case I can use six of these in a row meaning connected end to end before that fuse in this is going to blow. So I want to make sure that no without rule is and just follow up throughout your property. Now when you put on a mini light on a canopy what we don't want are straight lines. Straight lines you can see them in the night, they don't look very nice. So what we want to do is use a zig-zag in S-motion. And I will demonstrate for you. When you got this strand in your hand just kind of lay it out and you want to arch around like so, kind of make a bottom like so and then come back up to the top. Then we want to continue that same S-pattern if you will throughout this shrub. And what that is going to do is create a very brilliant effect. In the way I always test it, if you god bad eyesight this is a really good job for you. Take your glasses off and step back and look at the shrubs. If you have good eyesight just blur your eyes little bit. You want to kind of make these fog out a little bit, make them blurry. That is going to allow you to see the actual distribution of these lights. Sometimes less is more. So if you want a big impact on a low budget, a great way to do is using these mini lights and just spread them out. The key to mini lights is not how mini lights you use, it's simply how many are evenly distributed throughout that shrub and it should look like a little diamond when you walk but just blur your eyes and walk along it. Another thing to take into consideration when you doing mini lights, always work with the mini lights while they are on. If you walk over and you plug them in and you test them and they come on that is great. But a lot of times with mini lights there is a lot of a electrical circuitry there. So as you begin to work with them and move them around they could short out on you. The worst thing you could do is have a short in the middle of all these lights once you plug it in and have to go find them versus if you work with them with while you work with them odds off they have got to short. They are going to short out while they are in your hands and if you find one don't try to save an extra couple of bucks. Go ahead and replace that strand with a brand new strand that way your lighting system is going to be durable and safe throughout the entire Christmas season. Those were some tips to help you make a big impact on your project using canopy lighting with a low budget. Next we are going to look at garlands and wreaths and how they can impact your Christmas lighting design.