Outdoor Lighting – Installing a Bullet Light

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Patrick Harders with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives discusses how to install an outdoor lighting system. This video will focus on how to install a bullet light.

    Patrick Harders: Hi! I am Patrick Harders, with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Today we are speaking about outdoor lighting. And I want to show you how to install a bullet light.

    So now we want to dig our hole 11 inches deep. We are using a post hole digger here. If you don't have a post hole digger, you can also use a small shovel or a small spade, even a hand shovel. But we want to get it deep enough to cover the stake. And our power stakes, really what we want to do is push it into the ground, use a little bit of force to really get it to stick. We then take our quick connect and we crimp it around the wire. You want to give it a good hard squeeze to make sure that, that connection does not come loose. Once we have that connection on there, we fill back the hole with the dirt, pack it in very tight. Once we have this packed in and covered up, we are then going to look at the angle on how we are going to position this light. We want to angle this just a little bit. If we are off a degree, it's going to make a dramatic impact on the overall look of the house. So this fixture almost always needs a nighttime adjustment.