Outdoor Lighting – Installing a Flood Light

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Patrick Harders with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives discusses how to install an outdoor lighting system. This video will focus on how to install a Flood Light.

    Patrick Harders: Hi! I am Patrick Harders with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Today, we are going to be speaking of outdoor lighting, and now we want to show you how to install our Flood Light.

    We've already run the wire and now we want to dig our hole using a post-hole digger. We typically want the hole to be about 9-12 inches deep. We'll go ahead and do that right now. This is going to give it support, so the fixture doesn't move.

    Once we have dug this hole, we're going to take our fixture, place it in the ground. We want to push on it, hard enough to make sure that the stick sticks. These fixtures have a -- what we call a quick connect. This is going to fit on the cable that we've already run.

    Once we get in place, we take our channel lock pliers, just a basic set of pliers. We want to squeeze this very tight to make sure that that connection never comes loose. Put the connection into the ground. We bear everything back up. Now we want to position and angle this light to get the proper light output. We may need to come back and do a night time adjustment just to make sure we're getting the best spread and avoiding any light glare.