Outdoor Lighting – Mounting the Transformer

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Patrick Harders with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives discusses how to install an outdoor lighting system. This video will focus on how to mount a transformer and how to wire it up.

    Patrick Harders: Hi! I am Patrick Harders with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Today, we are discussing outdoor lighting. And now we want to show you how to mount a transformer and how to wire it up.

    Before we get there, our placement obviously see we put it, tucked it away in a corner, we did have an electrician come and put an outlet in for us. This is the bubble cover that we discuss. This protects moisture from getting inside the outlet.

    This is our transformer, it simply mounts right to the wall itself. We have run all our wires right to this point and at this point I actually put all the wires into a PVC pipe just for protection coming up to the transformer. Notice that my transformer is not plugged in as I'm working on it, but this is a 900 watt transformer. It has three commons in it. Commons are marked with the COM. Each common represents a 300 watt capacity in the transformer.

    What I've done is I've split the transformer every common up into two or three wires. When we get to the wire, we actually split one wire in half. We put one-half into the common. The second-half is going to go into the voltage. This is going to determine the brightness of the light bulb. Ideal voltage is going to be between 10.


    6 volts, where perfect lighting is 11.

    1. So we'll start off by putting it at 12, let's loosen that up just a little bit. Fit our wire inside of it. Tighten the back down, alright. And then let's go ahead and plug the transformer in and we're going to test that light to see what voltage we're getting. So let's go ahead and get our Voltmeter out. We want to set it to the proper reading and test the voltage. Go ahead and put our two pins on.

    Right now, we're at 9.

    1 volts. So if you remember, we're supposed to be getting between 10.


    6 or 11.

    1 being the ideal rating. So let's go back to the transformer. We'll adjust it at the transformer. We determine that the voltage needs to come up 2 volts. So let's go ahead and bring it up 2 volts or bring it up from the 12 tap and we're going to bring it to 14.

    So we've just made the adjustment at the transformer. We'll test this one more time. We brought it up 2 volts and we're right at 11.

    0 which is a great volt reading for this tree and this light is officially installed.