Outdoor Lighting System Timers and Controllers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Patrick Harders with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives discusses how to install an outdoor lighting system. This video will focus on the different options you have in controlling your system.

    Patrick Harders: Hi! My name is Patrick Harders with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives. Today, we are discussing outdoor lighting. And I want to go over the different options you have in controlling your system.

    One option that we have done here is simply, when we had this outlet put in, we also had a switch put in on the inside and therefore we have the ability to simply control the lights and turn them on when we need them.

    Most of our customers prefer having something a little bit more automated. One of the options that we have is our astronomical timer. This can plug inside the transformer, we also have an outdoor version of this as well.

    Simply, you choose the time you want it to go off and program the timer. It will know sunset every single night and you never have to touch it again, Very simple and easy.

    There is also photocells if you just want it dusk till to dawn and then there are simple timers that may have a photocell and a built-in timer, where you pick sunset and then two, four, six or eight hours. So there are many options in just determining how much control you want over your lighting system.

    My suggestion to everybody is keep it simple as possible and automate it, so you don't have to deal with it. It's now a time to sit back, wait for your lights to come on, once that happens then we can start tweaking and adjusting the lights to make sure you get that perfect look in your outdoor lighting system.