Over the Top Gospel in Miami

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travel Reporter Jodie Mailander Farrell discovers Gospel in Miami.

    Male Speaker: Listen, I don't know what you came to do but let me get in the records straight I didn't put on this suit and put it in to clean those just to look good when the light came out, but I came to give God some praise.

    [Music]Jodi Farrell: You just can't help that be moved by what you are experiencing. The sound quality is over the top and being surrounded by thousands of other people enjoying the same Gospel Music in this amazing public spaces, experience is hard to surpass. Pastor Marc Cooper: My father was a lover of Gospel Music and in our home we had stacks and stacks of LPs, so in the house we had Gospel Music all the time. So that was when I first became aware of.

    [Music]Valerie Riles: Some people get really involved and they stand up and they cry and they jump up and down, even though it's a performing art, so now we think of performing art as to be where you sit down, you are very quiet, you are very entertained, here the audience is what's engaged.

    Jodi Farrell: People from all denominations, all ages, all cultures, all walks of life from Miami-Dade County and beyond come here to really get a feel for what Gospel Music is like.

    Male Speaker: Clap your hands and give God some praise.