Pack a Carry-On Bag for Travel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video shows how to pack a carry-on bag for travel.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron with Baron International LLC and today we are showing you how to pack for travel this segment in particular is on packing your Carry-On, very important because if your major suitcase gets lost, guess where you are going have to live out of for about a week if not a couple of days at least. So I have marked the bag right here just as I would my major suitcase as well, try to pick something that is flashy, so that you will remember like Oh! I used that bright, orange or bright pink and that is easily attracted to your eye.

    So again, you may want to put on some luggage tags by the airline that is necessary, but do this little mandatory thing. I think it makes it lot easier for you in the long run. So, you want to mark your bag inside with your name in there or even tape your business card in there. So again, it is for identification purposes, so let's get started. This will be in the few lodge with you and like I mentioned before if your luggage does get lost you will have to rely on this bag to make it to the time, when they do retrieve your luggage from wherever it went.

    You want to bring with you extra socks, a pair of pajamas in case they make you stay overnight somewhere including your cameras that you are using and your toiletry items. And of course remember travel size counts, so make sure these are in your Carry-On just in case you need them when you are staying overnight, and your bag gets lost. You also want to keep your precious jewels in this or carry them with you in your major handbag, that is in the little red round pouch that I have put in there. And then you also want to bring a pair of shoes along, something very comfortable, something like a house shoe that I have shown you which is like flipflop type, that is a multiple purpose type of shoe. That also goes for if your shoes do break on you during the flight or if you are uncomfortable, you can get these comfy shoes out and wear them instead of the footlets that the airplane gives you. Next we will be showing you how to pack for personal travel that is your either Carry-On handbag, the major personal bag you have with your handbag as such and for men, I would suggest that you go out and get a male bag that is something that is more of a pouch and I will be showing you what that is all about.