Pack a Handbag for Travel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to pack a handbag for travel.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron with Baron International LLC and today we are showing you how to pack for travel. This segment in particular is about your personal handbag or for men, it would be a personal male bag. So I am going to show you the two different types that we have, this one in particular can be used for ladies as well, it is a shoulder bag and it is great. It keeps your hands free and this type of bag in particular is used for documents, passport and toiletry items as well as what I lady would use in her purse, very comfortable, easy to use and if you are a tourist this is easy for you to wear without it being stolen off our wrist because it is placed right on your body.

    So, I am going to start off with this big bag I would suggest taking the biggest bag that you possibly can because of the allowances are basic the restrictions that the airlines are having now. I like to take biggest handbag that I could possibly take and that would be something like this that is really not that bulky and you can fit this under your seat or under the chair in front of you and if not in overhead bin. Of course you are wanting to take your wallet which has your credentials, your drivers license is necessary and your credit cards that you plan on using.

    Always make sure that you make a copy of your drivers license and your passport and your credit cards and leave these with the loved one back home in case they get lost or stolen. Number one, this goes in the purse, you want to take the key to your car or your home, place the domicile where you will coming back to and put that in a safe place in the bag. Your telephone which is of course the method of addresses and the phone calls as well take this with you and as I mentioned before, make sure you take the charger. This is the one that plugs into your hotel room, not the one that plugs into the car.

    And the other thing is, you probably want to take your phone with you or your Blackberry and that in particular, you take all the gadgets along with that as well that you need to plug in. But this is great for references and addresses etcetera. Take along your personal toothbrush, that is very important because you never know where you are going to be eating on the plane or the train, whichever way your mode of transportation is, you will want to keep your teeth freshened up. And of course your passport take that with you as well and if it is of course a domestic flight or something where you dont need your passport, okay leave this at home. But make sure that your passport is up-to-date.

    Now, there is one thing that I actually forgot to do and I notice that if I open this up and I read through it being a brand new passport, yes it is all up-to-date and everything is great but guess what, if I dont sign here on the dotted line, this is not a valid document. So, make sure you have checked all your Ps and Qs before you go on your trip. So make sure you have your tickets, your passport, your documents and like I said, make sure you have all your reservation intact and make a copy of everything before you leave home. Keep it in a safe place or with somebody who you can call back to and ask, Hey! What was my number of the actual train cabinet that I was supposed to be on?

    So, small things like toiletry items, make sure that they are not, they won't leak, this in particular is a lipstick, yes it is quite difficult to open, but that is fine. At least I know that I am assured that this won't leak in my purse and get all over my documents. You can always use a small travel pouch that is made out of plastic for that as well, now make sure you take all your essentials along that you need for your camera items and so this in particular has a recharge battery program. Now you know this wont be available at your hotel, so make sure you take that out and a couple of plugs that go along with it. if you have enough room, take the whole thing, if not take it out of the box and place it in your bag.

    Make sure that your bags are always zipped wherever you go, ladies have a tendency to leave them open for easy access. Well, that also means easy access for thieves and keep them secured and on your body such as this and hold onto them. For example, it would be lot be easier for somebody to just to take this off my arm, drive by on a moped than if I am holding onto it already. So, use your own common sense and security sense and in your hotel room, dont hide things from yourself because you may forget where you have hidden them.

    Use the hotel safe and also at the hotel, check if they do have safety deposit boxes or something like that. If you have expensive jewelery, please do a favor to yourself and check it there. Dont leave it under the mattress or stuffed in a pillow or in the sock, you will never retrieve it if somebody stolen it. So, better to safe than sorry, so enjoy your trip. In the next segment that I am going to be covering is what I am going to be wearing on my flight.