Pack a Main Large Bag for Travel

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to pack a main large bag for travel.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron with Baron International LLC and today I am going to be showing you how to pack your big suitcase for travel. We have a large suitcase here which is under the guidelines of the standards of packing for airlines. So this is quite a small suitcase compared to what people are used to use, those big Samsonites and the ones that are very heavy. We have come faraway, this one has the rollers at the bottom and the bar that pulls out, it is very easy to tow it behind you when you are going some place. It has a easy compartment for this one in particular would be to put your shoes or something in here that you have to see right away. But I like to start off with packing at the bottom all my shoes because that is where, they are going to be then loaded up with all your clothing on top which you want to keep wrinkle free. Alright so now we have our suitcase packed from the bottom and that is where we put our shoes as you have noticed, clean shoes like this do not require plastic around them. However, I have used just simple bags that you get from the grocery store, weigh absolutely nothing and you do want to get and keep these for the end of your trip to repack your suitcase. You have stuffed your socks in your shoes and you have put them side by side just like you would have gotten them out of a shoebox. The other thing is what I wanted to tell you with belts in particular, you can either roll your belts up and put them in the spaces in between the shoes or you can actually put them in the shoes such as the soccer shoes or the running shoes and if not you can always line the suitcase with your belt, makes it real easy and compact. So you can either line the suitcase with the belt or roll it up, like I mentioned before and stuff that in between a pair of shoes somewhere. So depending on men, for example, they use a lot of belts, ladies dont use that many. If you have certain things like in a belt that could be for example, scratched such as the belt buckle, you would want to probably put it in the little pouch that goes inside the suitcase here or further up where you have a zipper. Now the next layer that we will covering, once we have packed the shoes are to fill in the gaps and then we are going to start with clothing. Now in covering these shoes because you never know what could be on the bottoms of them, you want to get some plastic and just simply put this around your shoes. So I purchased myself a mask and snorkel set, something like this. You can then place in your luggage wherever you can, find a spot where its comfortable and fits in accordingly.

    Then for example, I am bringing my body suit, something like this doesnt wrinkle. You can place this anywhere you want in your luggage, flap it over and fill up the small areas, the gaps that were created when you put your shoes in there. I also bring along a body top and this is all made out of this type of nylon that does not wrinkle. These shorts in particular, they are made out of a nylon that is a nylon polyester and these are going to be wrinkle free. Running shorts same type of thing, these in particular I want to show you how we can ball these up and place these right in the little hole that was created within our shoe area and fill that gap up. These are the materials that are already to begin with made out of durable polyester that are wrinkle free. So no matter how put these in your suitcase and you crush them even as such that I am showing you right now. They will come out wrinkle free, wrinkable clothes, you will want to either have dry cleaned before you go or iron them and place them in the plastic wraps that you usually get from the dry cleaners. You can leave some of them on the hangers and I suggest the regular metal hangers that you can either throw away once you have used them at your destination or you can also pack them without the hangers and that is, make sure that you have put a layer of plastic in between each of the garments. Remember one thing, you want pack your suitcase, dont let anybody else pack your suitcase or have access to your suitcase before you even close it because at the airport they are very, very security conscious about this and you really never know if somebody could have put something in your luggage. Now we are going to go into talking about packing your carry on.