Pack Clothes Wrinkle Free – Dress Shirt, Blouse, Pants

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to pack clothes wrinkle free and includes dress shirts, blouses and pants.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron, with Baron International LLC, and today we are going to show you how to pack for travel. This segment in particular is on packing wrinkle free. Now let me show you how pack wrinkle free this beautiful silk blouse and for men also linens etcetera, things that wrinkle. You would want to take this, take the hanger off the shirt and button as many buttons as you possibly can on the shirt, lay it out flat, this will be in your suitcase and once you have done this, you then want to take always button the top button as well because the collar is very important.

    Lay it out as flat as possible, we can lay this now bag right over the top of the shirt and if there is a problem with the shirt being too large, you can fold the sleeves in. This is a small shirt of course and for people that are extra large, this maybe done this way. So then you want to take your plastic wrap and fold your shirt because it will probably be longer if they are extra large and fold it upwards and you are ready to pack your beautiful shirt so that when you get there you will be ready to wear it without wrinkles.

    Now let me show you the wrinkle free method for pants, slacks and shorts and alike, you have probably ironed these or had them ironed at the dry cleaners. Well, when you get them back, they are on the hangers. You may want to leave them just like that and depending on the hotel that you go to, you can always ask for extra hangers but it's nice to have a couple extras with you when you go on your trip.

    You can take the actual pants themselves and just lay them, just directly in your suitcase like this, not a problem at all or like I said if you don't want the hangers you can take those out and pack the slacks with the plastic in between. This would have been the plastic that came off the pants, pack them in between or even the shorts and anytime you fold pants over, you are going to put another layer on top of that. So you will have layer after layer of pants, slacks whatever and try to keep them as uniform as possible, so that the creases that were already made stay together.

    So that's how you pack wrinkle free and coming up next, you will discover what suitcases to use for your travel purposes.