Pack for Travel – Accessories & Toiletries

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to pack accessories and toiletries for travel.

    Rhonda Baron: Hi! I am Rhonda Baron, President of Baron International LLC and today we are going to show you how to pack for travel. Today the things that we will need are accessories, things that are important to pack with and make life a lot easier while you are packing and when you get to your destination.

    Starting off with is a mini padlock, this in particular you can purchase at any drugstore, it makes life a lot easier once you get to your destination. You can put this on -- maybe you want to keep your luggage overnight at a luggage check area. This has happened to me before where I did not have it locked and when I got to my place, I found out that they have taken the camera out of there. So, I would suggest take something like this with you.

    The other thing is -- this is great too, this is a combinational lock. Again it would be put on your luggage once you have gotten to your destination place and this type of thing with the combination is great because you can avoid all this extra key type of business that you are wondering now, what key is for what and you may misplace this to begin with. So, going on into the airline and travel regulations as to what they want and dont want on board.

    They have the 3 OZ Travel Bottle Set, these are easily purchased at drugstores and this is a TSA Compliant for shampoo, conditioner, any of the liquids that you may need to take with you. These of course would be placed in your carry on in a see-through plastic bag and these see-through plastic bags can also be purchased if you are wondering what type of bag should I use. You can also buy these at convenience store.

    These are your Travel Bags as it says meet security for airline; it has the guidelines on there too. So you can actually read on there and it holds seven or eight three ounce items, easy to open and easy to close. So this is well worth the money that you are putting into it. You want to take along of course different prescriptions, dont take five bottles of each pill but just take a few that would cover you for the amount of time that you are going to be at your destination; couple of aspirin never hurt and also a burn gel.

    Something like this most people dont want to take with them because they thing, Oh! I am never going to burn. But this little burn gel sooths even if you had a slight burn on your nose from a sunburn. Bringing along something really heavy, something like this, this is 750 milliliters; this would take you up to over a month to use. So you want to downsize and put everything in smaller bottles. The other thing is, the something else you would want to think about is shampoo and soap; to make life very simple, pick one like the one I did here where its three in one. You have a shampoo, conditioner and body soap in one with a easy open and close top.

    Take along sundry items such as small bottles of things you will need and enough key tips to get you through the week, underarm deodorant, they make them in small trial sizes. You can find those in convenience stores and it is very convenient for your toothpaste etcetera. You want to use small containers made out of plastic for your soap if you have to bring a special soap along and also your toothbrush; areas where you have to bring something for example, moisturizing gel, make sure it's in a closable top, nothing that you have a pump because that pump may open up during flight and get all over inside your suitcase.

    If you do bring things like this, make sure you put them in plastic bags in case they do get punctured along the way. You dont want to end up at your destination with all your aloe moisturizing gel all over your clothing. Another thing to think about are the things for travel. We all take along a camera, some of us have more expensive types that have a little chip in them, make sure you have enough chips for memory, memory chips and to go along with this make sure you have the accessories that you need for the camera to plug it in and recharge the battery, thats very important. If you are bring along something such as this, this is a Weathermatic-A, this one is for underwater pictures.

    This one in particular you would need to use regular film that goes in the camera, be sure to bring along a couple roles of film. You never want to have to run out right away to sundry shop and buy this, gets to be pretty costly. The other way of dealing with cameras is very, very easy you can pick up something like this and you can get this at any drugstore. This is the type of thing that I suggest for people that are going to be at places where its easy for somebody to lift your camera and goodbye camera.

    Nobody really wants your private pictures on this little disposable camera, so I would invest in a couple of these just to play it safe. Now we are going to go into something like a lint roller. This is very, very important because for all you that are going on a cruise, knows that special night of society where the men are wearing tuxedos, you dont want to be rolling around in lint. Make sure you stop and get one of these little small trial sizes from your department store or your handy convenience store.

    Everybody uses a cell phone and for this you always need something to plug it into and get a reenergized, make sure you dont forget your plugs and the things that you need to actually reactivate and charge your phones. When you do travel most people wear glasses or wear sunglasses, I would say make sure you take an extra pair of your glasses along and if not the sunglasses, you can always buy a small cheap pair that you keep with you in your suitcase or if you really have to have something thats a bit more protective as far as the UV A and B rays, take an extra pair with you and make sure you have your carry box with you as well.

    So it always pays to plan ahead, you never know when you are going to lay down your sunglasses, walk away and forget them. So at least this way you have an extra pair that you like. Coming up nextm we will be talking about the dos and donts of shoes.