Paddle Board Yoga In The Florida Keys

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The ultimate “unplugged” Florida Keys water activity is paddle board yoga classes, combining mind and body relaxation with healthful exercise and a Keys eco-experience. Beginners through experienced yoga practitioners can participate. Classes are divided between paddling time, spotting sea life and wading birds and yoga.

    Sue Cooper: Paddleboard yoga is a combination of two of the really fast-growing activities in the country; we adapt yoga from the studio on to the board The water in the environment that we have down here in the Florida Keys is actually the most perfect platform for yoga Its clear. You can see the bottom. Its shallow. We get manatees. We get nurse sharks, rays, conch shells, you name it we see it right out here, all in the very shallow waters just offshore. When you come out to practice paddleboard yoga we are blending the natural benefits of yoga and the environment. Whats really great out here on the water, you get to take in everything; the environment; the way the board reacts to your moments, and its just an amazing way to experience your practice in another way.

    Anybody can actually do paddleboard yoga. We get people who have never done paddleboarding and people who have never done yoga. Anyone who wants to come out and have fun, as long as you love being on the water, we can get you out there, we can get you doing the poses. As you inhale, spread all the way up. Exhale, open the arms. Female Speaker: Actually I am blown away that this is one of my jobs that I get to do. I get to connect with people on a daily basis. Out on the water, in the environment, they get to release a lot of the stresses that they find in their normal lives, and they come out here and hopefully take a little bit of Key West away with them. Female Speaker: Doing paddleboard yoga out on the water, out in the natural environment is a very spiritual place to experience yoga, to have the wind blowing in your hair and have the rocking of the board from the ocean. Everyone always comes back and says I have never experienced that before. I am sold. I want a board and I want to be doing this everyday.