Paint the Exterior of a House-Masking & Covering

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Painter Steve White demonstrates how to mask and cover the exterior of a house.

    Steve White: This is Steve White from Mastercraft Painting in San Diego and the next step in this process of painting your home's exterior is masking and protecting surfaces from the paint. So we are going to show you a little bit of that process. We are using plastic, tape and some rosin paper. So we are going to talk little bit about masking the windows. Here we are going to show you taping the perimeter of the window with masking tape and then we will just piece of plastic of the size of the window and put it on. That will protect the -- lots of painters actually don't do this, they will just shield around the windows but we found that it's just better to be safe than sorry.

    Danny over here is taking some rosin paper and they have got some really nice stone steps and we want to make sure we don't get the paint on those as well. So we are going to go ahead and cover those up completely so that when we start painting we don't have to worry about little spills and drips. If you will notice deck we have completely covered with rosin paper. This is a composite engineer deck like Trex and it's very important to keep paint off of this because it stains the surface and it never really come clean. You almost just have to replace it if you get paint on it.

    So we have just completely covered the surface. Also you will have notice the Patio cover this is going to be stained later in preparation for painting stucco. We have just completely wrapped that up to make sure we don't have any problems as well. So one of the things we like to do at Mastercraft Painting after we have gone ahead and protected the surfaces that we don't want any paint on is we will just pull the lights off, it's pretty easy, it's just a few wires. We can pull these down and that way if -- we make sure we don't get any paint on light fixtures themselves and if they plan on replacing them, if the sconce is little bit smaller than the one that's here, we have got paint all the way up underneath the new sconce. So and then we also want to be careful to cover up and protect the wires so that when we go to hook that back up we don't have any problems.