Paint the Exterior of a House-Replace & Repair Wood

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Painter Steve White demonstrates how to repair or replace wood.

    Steve White: Hi, how are you doing. Steve from MasterCraft Painting again and now we are going to be discussing wood repair or replacement. In this particular home, this Stucco Mold was pretty badly damaged in some areas and in certain points we were able to patch that with the special two part epoxy. In other areas it was just necessary to completely replace the wood. What had happened is the moisture had got into it. I don't know if you can see this on the camera or not but after the wood got wet then it's just a very tempting meal for termites and the termites has gotten in here and just ate it all away.

    This is the Stucco mold that we just went ahead and pulled out and completely replaced. So one of the things we pride ourselves here in Mastercraft Painting is preventative maintenance and right now we are talking about wood repair and replacement. We determined that the water damage that caused the damage to this wood might be helped by installing rain gutters. So we are going to install rain gutters on these fascias up here and just to show you this is where the old stucco mold came out from. So to help keep this one lasting long we have cropped this in top and bottom and we are going to prime and two finish coat that just to keep the water out. Two biggest enemies to you paint job is the sun and the water. So the more you can do to minimize moisture on your home by placement of sprinklers and different things the longer your paint job is going to last.