Paintball Gun Assembly

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    John Greeley demonstrates how to assemble a paintball gun.

    John Greeley

    Born into a military family in Madison WI, moved to Heidelberg, Germany, until 1988 then moved to Georgetown Texas, before moving to Leesburg, VA in 1993. Attending Strayer University, major in business. Attended Loudoun County High and then Stone Bridge, was member of its first graduating class. Besides Paintball, my other sports are Baseball, Soccer and Hockey. I have been competitive in all of these sports until I was diagnosed with Becker’s a form of Muscular Dystrophy, which put me in a wheel chair in 2005. Overcoming the onslaught of the disease I was hired by Hogback Mountain Paintball in 2004 as a field manger. In 2006 I was promoted to CEO with full responsibility for all operations at Hogback. Major accomplishments include improvements in total operations, establishing maintenance programs for ATVs, Paintball Guns, and other field equipment, improved Hogback Mountain Web page, developed BIG GAME themes and & expanded Paintball fields from 10 to 15. Most importantly continued the traditions of Hogback Mountain Paintball by development of an overarching safety program that includes qualifying all the employees in Red Cross First Aid and CPR.

    Hi, my name is John Greeley with Hogback Mountain Paintball. This is Richie with team Atrom and today well be going over the basics of paintball, and now we will be going over the assembly of the paintball marker. Key things in assembly of paintball marker, there are two different types of markers. There is electronic and pneumatic, and pneumatic ones have a different assembly than electronic markers. Pneumatic markers -- and this is the assembly of a pneumatic marker. First, you want to take the barrel and the barrel cover. Put the barrel cover on the barrel and then screw the barrel with the barrel cover on it into the gun while holding the cover on it. And the reason for that is, you always want to keep your gun safe. Even when it doesnt have air on it, some guns store air in the mines or in the gun and they can still fire like two or three shots. So, thats why we will make sure we always have cover on it. The next step would be to put your safety on your gun and then cock your gun back. Then you want to grab your CO2 tank. You start by screwing your CO2 tank in with the gun pointed downward, and then as you are screwing the tank in, right before the gun gases up, you want to point it up and the reason for this is, so you dont get liquid into your gun. And that's the proper way to put on your tank. Finger always off the trigger even with your safety on, put your tank on the gun. Next step will be putting your hopper onto your gun. Every gun is going to have a different assembly for this, but for the basic gun, you just want to stick that on there or attach it with the elbow screw. Alright, this is the gun completely assembled. The next gun would be electronic paintball gun. Every electronic paintball guns going to be a little bit different in this setup. You might want to look at your instruction manual to see how yours should be setup, but this is the basic way to do it. You want to take the gun, the barrel, and the barrel cover. Again, have your barrel cover on the barrel as you screw it in for safety. Make sure your gun is in the off position, and then also your safety is on, on your gun.

    Then once your barrel cover is properly attached to the gun, you want to take and put your tank on the gun. Every gun is going to have it different depending your ASA attachment. Its going to have a different way to attach the tank onto the gun. Some will be pre-mounted onto the gun and you wont need to do this step. Once you have attached your tank, you want to make sure to air up your gun and also turn your gun on and make sure its still on safe mode. Alright, once thats done, you want to take your hopper, electronic hopper, and attach it to the gun.

    Once your hopper is properly attached -- and again, every hopper for an electronic gun will probably connect differently depending on your gun type and your elbow attachment. Okay, so thats a gun completely assembled. That's a basic gun assembly of an electronic paintball marker.