Painting a Flush Interior Door

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Travis Larson, an Editor for Family Handyman Magazine, shows you how to paint a primed interior door.

    Travis Larson: Hi, I'm Travis Larson. I'm an Editor for Family Handyman Magazine one of the oldest and most established top two magazines in the world. Today I'm going to show you how to paint this primed interior door. It's a brand-new door so there is no preparation needed we can get going to right with the painting.

    And these are the tools you need, a small roller tray like this one, a high quality enamel paint like this, 2 1/2 inch sash brush, and a mini roller like this. You don't need a lot of paint, it doesn't take much to paint a door. Just cover the bottom with about a half inch or so, it will be all you need and we're going to start painting these 1 panel at a time.

    We're going to start by cutting in all the contours around each panel with a brush, because we can't get into those areas with rollers. It's going to take two coats to do this door. The important thing on the first coat is to get everything covered not to have any runs, or puddles, flat spots. So don't put it on too thick.

    Try to keep most of the paint off the door itself, focus on this contoured area. Use your roller to paint each individual panel. Don't do the outsides yet, we're going to save those for last after all the panels are painted. So we're going to do that with the other four panels in the door and at the end we're going to finish around the perimeter.

    Okay, that's pretty much it for the panels. It's nice to work kind of fast so that this paint that's around the perimeter of panels is still a little bit damp. Lastly, we're just going to paint all the styles and rails between all these panels, and it's real simple. Just try not to have too much paint loaded on your roller so it runs down in to all those contours as you just spend so much time on.

    And again, this is the first coat. So don't worry if there are some areas that aren't completely covered as long as there is some paint on it, it's going to cover the next time. Before we flip the door over to do the other side though, we need to put a coat on all the edges in the ends. The only trick to this is you get a little beat of paint on the top and bottom.

    So I like to make a light run over the top and the bottom, so there is no run showing. Okay, this side is done now let's flip the door over and paint the other side while this one dries. So that's the first coat it's done. When this one is dry you put a second coat on both sides exactly the same way and the door is finished.

    So that's how you paint a primed interior raised panel door.