Paintless Dent Repair with Kit

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Dan Schwarzkopf of Five Seasons Auto Repair, demonstrates how to remove dents from your car including a technique using a paintless dent repair kit.

    Dan Schwarzkopf: My name is Dan Schwarzkopf. I work at 5 Seasons Auto Rebuilders in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. In this video I am going to be showing you how to remove dents from your car without damaging the paint by using a PDR kit, a Paintless Dent Removal kit. Let's get started.

    Here are the tools that you are going to find in this particular kit. It is going to come with a slide hammer. This is one of the tabs that you remove the dent with, that you glue to the hood over the top of the dent. This is one of the several that will come with the kit, there are several different ones. Each one is a little harder piece of plastic, a different little bit bigger, a different shape. This is a tool, it's called removal tool, removes the glue. This is just a piece of plastic which holds the tool. We will put, so you won't burn your hands. Once again, it comes with the kit. A hot glue gun, a can of cleaner, Adhesive Cleaner also comes with this PDR kit. All these tools shown will come inside the kit. If you do not get a can of Adhesive Cleaner you can also use rub an alcohol. Let's get started. This is how you are going to remove the dent. The dent from the panel with the PDR kit. First off, you remove the wax, grease or any other foreign substance on the hood of the paint. So the glue is going to stick to it. This is just a adhesive remover, it is going to come in the kit. Just want to make sure that is very nice and clean while we are gluing the attachment to. I am going to choose one of the attachments with the kit best suited to match the dent. I got a round dent, so I am going to for the round attachments. First off, I need to put in the tool because this is going to be very hot, so I want to melt the plastic, heat the plastic a little bit so that's going to accept the glue better. Okay the plastic is now warm enough where it is going to accept the glue. Accept a little bit of dab in the center from the hot glue gun. I am going to attach it to the center of the dent, center of the cup to the center of the dent. Now I am going to hold that in place until that glue sets up, until it's not hot anymore. The step may take 2-3 minutes to cool off. Alright, it has cooled off, I keep my hands on it. It's cool to the touch. The piece is stuck to the hood, to the dent, now I am going to take this hammer they supplied, special slide hammer to the dent and I am going to slightly, slowly work the dent up very lightly and as I go I am going to get a little more aggressive, to either I think I got the dent out or until it pops off, the plastic connector pops off. As you see the plastic connector popped off. That way I don't want to heat it back up with the hair dryer to remove the glue or anything. This is our special applicator, it comes in the PDR kit, the Paintless Dent Removal kit to take the glue off, so you don't want to worry about hurting your fingers trying to get that glue off. This glue ain't coming off as I got to heat it up a little bit. Glue is back to warm state, but not how hot it was once before. I am going to take a little adhesive remover on my towel, see if I can break down that glue a little bit. I got the glue removed from the panel and you will notice that the dent is a lot smaller, but it is still minutely there. But I don't think I can put the gun back on it, the attachment and the slide hammer back on, because I think I will cause too much damage. So unfortunately, that dent is about the best that's going to get with the PDR kit, the Paintless Dent Removal kit. Next we are going to be moving on to our next step, as we remove the dent with the dry ice.