Palafox Market Makes a Difference with Local Farmers

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Palafox Market, a top rated Market by American Farmland Trust, has a rule: All vendors and products must be within 100 miles of the market.

    Brett Lane: It's Brett Lane in Historic Downtown Pensacola, and today we are here at the Palafox farmer's market where they're setting up right now. And as far as farmer's markets go, if you are fan, this is one that is totally worth the trip to check out.

    Fresh produce and herbs, baked goods, coffee beans, kettle corn, jams, pies, honey, all just a few of the items of what's tasty here. And the best part is you know it's going to be local. It's a simple rule; all vendors must be from within 100 mile radius of Pensacola.

    Hilary Gilles: It's a great way to keep the money in our economy, the local, you kind of cut out the middleman for the farmers, they get 100% return because they do grow the products and then come here, and just sell it directly to the consumer.

    Patricia Maxwell: Well, for us, it's really been a launching path for growing our business. This really gives us an opportunity to connect with the local consumer, gives us an opportunity for them to taste our foods when they are out shopping at some of the local stores where we're also carried, they have already met us, they connect a face with the product.

    Robert Knowles: The produce is very fresh, most of the time it was picked Thursday or Friday to be sold today.

    Brett Lane: The Palafox farmer's market started more than 6 years ago. And even though it's new on the block compared to the other markets around the nation, it received top honors from the American Farmland Trust in 2011. And it's really good when Pensacola's top chefs are out and about with shopping list for their own restaurants.

    MariCarmen Josephs: The Palafox Market has really bridged the gap between the farmers, the restaurants, and then just the general public in Pensacola. We're able to find fresh ingredients, sometimes unique ingredients, and for restaurant sometimes what's important is a cost effective ingredient. So, when it's local, it's fresh, cost effective, it's the perfect marriage for a restaurant.

    Brett Lane: Blueberry honey! What's really great about this market is that there are not only produce and specialty foods here but an abundance of art, jewelry, antiques as well as clothing.

    Hilary Gilles: We have just a wonderful group of talented award-winning artists. They change weekly; everything from fine art and painting, crafts.

    Brett Lane: The market is totally family-friendly and it's open year-round, rain or shine every Saturday in Martin Luther King Plaza. It's Brett Lane. I am totally thinking about my next locally grown meal in historic downtown Pensacola.