Pan Roast Scallops

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Todd Gray demonstrates how to prepare Pan Seared Sea Scallops with sweet corn and red peppers including how to pan roast scallops.

    Todd Gray: Hi! I am Todd Gray, we are showing you how to pan sear sea scallops with sweet corn and red peppers. Now I am going to show you how to pan sear your sea scallops. Let's start by adding some of our canola oil, taking our dry scallops here, placing them in the pan. Making sure to get a little of that oil under each of the scallop. Establishing, what we call surface heat. Nice high heat, I am going to add a little seasoning now. Our fresh cracked pepper, some of that nice, fine sea salt. I am cooking this on a medium high heat as well. I am going to start at medium high, turn it down to about a medium and let these scallops caramelize. Put some pork and then we don't move these scallops around the pan, we want to leave them in a single position so that they establish at high heat, they get great caramelization. What that did is that sugar coming out of the scallop, that nice golden brown color that people always seem to have a problem getting with their seared scallops. We were showing you, how to get it, but we are not moving them around. It is going to get a great golden color on the bottom side and then we'll turn them.

    See where it is starting to get some color, but we need about two minutes on each side. Say after about two minutes I am going to take a look at these scallops and be sure that we are getting a good carmalization, there we go. You can see that nice golden brown color. Give that a little bit more time. There is a nice one. Let's see how we are doing here, beautiful. We will do the same on the other side giving it about another two minutes. Get both sides caramelized, leave that interior about medium, I like my scallops on the medium side. They are not too chewy and often what I look to do is turn our fire back down to about a low heat and just let them finish in the pan. They are going to be wonderful. See how nice these scallops look. Nice golden brown on the top, we can see some golden brown on the bottom. Now it's time for us to plate up. We have got all of our ingredients cooked up. Got our corn or peppers, our beautiful seared scallops and I have done enough for about two appetizers, four scallops. I am going to serve this all on this nice serving platter here, a nice way to do this at home. Put our corn down on the bottom of our dish, we will flatten that out a bit. Make a nice bed for our scallops. Look at the nice colors, it's a nice crunch too. Now our scallops, I'll put one on top, two and then our second two scallops. Now this looks great. And there we have it. Pan Seared Sea Scallops on sweet corn and red peppers. Enjoy.