Pan Searing Scallops

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Todd Gray demonstrates how to sear sea scallops.

    Todd Gray: I am Todd Gray and I am showing you seared sea scallops with roasted beets and garden herb salad. We are now going to sear our sea scallops. We start with a touch of oil in our pan; pan is on a medium heat. Take our sea scallops, give them a good seasoning with fresh black pepper, sea salt, make sure our pan is moistened throughout with oil. Place our scallops down, keeping our pan on this medium heat and allow them to sear. You need a good saut pan, something that is balanced, has good conduction of heat, well made. Today I am using an All-Clad pan but any good pan would work.

    For a little added flavor, always try to maximize flavor in the kitchen, I am using a little fresh rosemary and a little piece of fresh garlic clove. What this allows it to do the oil takes on the garlic and rosemary flavor infusing that into the sea scallops. We roll this around being sure you get a good caramelization on the scallops. This high heat they were cooking in, it is going to give us that good golden brown color that we are looking for. This is going to take about two minutes per side. Take our garlic and rosemary even layered up on our scallops, taking a little bit of our olive oil, pasting. It's starting to get some good color now, on the back side of our scallops we will do a little additional seasoning, one little crank of pepper, little more salt and I think our scallops are about ready to turn. There we are. Let's allow these to finish cooking on the second side for additional two minutes. Next, lets complete the dish.