Pantry Organization

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Here are the storage essentials you need to keep your kitchen pantry organized. These tools and organizers will bring order to your cooking gear, food, cookbooks, and more.

    Female Speaker: A kitchen pantry should work for you rather than as a dumping ground for your stock. Here are the seven storage essentials that will help you say goodbye to pantry clutter and hello to find it fast.

    Use clear square storage containers for maximum efficiency as they take up less space horizontally. Placing staple ingredients in containers eliminates messy open boxes and packaging. Identify the contents of each container with erasable labels.

    Corral cookbooks by topic in brightly colored magazine organizers. Manage baking pans in a simple dish rack. Use large baskets to corral like products such as kid's treats and baking supplies. Elevate rows of canned goods on shelf risers for better visibility. A lazy Susan brings items in the back of the cabinet to the front with just a quick spin which means no more digging to the back of the shelf.

    With these five essentials, you could keep your kitchen pantry organized and ensure all of your staples, tools, and supplies are always at the ready.