Paper Mache – Attaching the Base to the Bowl

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to attach the base to the paper mache bowl.

    Mary Gallagher-Stout: Hi, I am Mary Gallagher-Stout and I am showing you how to make a lovely Paper Mache bowl today. Now we are at the stage where we are going to be attaching the base to our bowl. I have built up the Paper Mache to about six to eight layers. I have let it dry so now we are going to pop the balloon. Take an X-Acto knife, pop. Take the bowl, as you can see it's nice and round, it won't sit very sturdy, so we are going to adhere a base to it. What you want to do is get some masking tape, take off a little piece and get your cardboard disk which I have cut in a circle to suit the bowl. You want to make it big enough that the bowl -- it will fit the size of the bowl that you created because you can make it all different sizes depending on how big your balloon is. So we are attaching it with the tape and then we are going to fill it in with more Paper Mache and cover it up. So what you are going to do is you are going to take your newspapers, we are going to glue either side just like we did in the layering process and then we are going to crumple them up into crumbles and we are going to fill them in to the sides here, so they adhere and really build a thick base. So you are going to just do that, many times over, gluing either side, crumbling, stuffing in between the two and we are going to just continue around. I think you want to go about -- you kind of have to use your judgment based on how sturdy it feels. I think that you really need to fill it out about at least two or three times, two layers of scrunched up paper into the base. So you are just going to keep scrunching up your paper and pushing it between the tape and the bowl. So it's wedging up and becoming more stable because you are trying to build a stable bowl at this point, so it doesn't wiggle all around and you want the base to be stable. So I have enough of the paper stuffed in between the masking tape and the base itself then I am going to go ahead and cover the bottom and make it a nice clean line. So you want to cover it -- I usually start, just like you did with the mold, with the balloon, you are just going to tuck it, start at the middle of your cardboard and you are just going to adhere it on to the base of the mache bowl. So you are just doing a strip of glue, swipe of glue and then you are just going to go all the way around until it's completely covered, like this one. So I just went all the way around with the same technique, filled it in and this is what the bowl looks like when the base is completely adhered and all of the layers are put on to it. We are going to take this over after we have completely covered the bottom and let it dry overnight, then we are going to trim the top of the bowl with an X-Acto knife or scissors and you just want to draw a line basically around the bowl, so you know where you are cutting and it's an even cut and usually about I would say an inch and a half, two inches around you are going to just draw a line around your bowl to make it trimmerific and these are real organic shapes so if it's not even that's really kind of what makes it beautiful and interesting because it's a beautiful, organic, green bowl that you created. It's not this mass production, it's not a mass produced product, it's going to be -- the beauty comes from it's imperfections. So that's what's also really lovely about Paper Mache. So I usually just take a scissor and cut about an inch in and then I take my X-Acto knife and I just cut and you need to be very careful with X-Acto knives as they are super-super sharp and you are just going to follow your line around. We will trim it off and this is what it will look like when you are finished. So I am just going to continue trimming and then we are going to move to our next step and paint and decorate our lovely organic, fabulous paper mache bowl creation.