Parenting Compliant And Strong Willed Children

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Valorie Burton for Focus on the Family provides advice for dealing with both compliant and strong willed children.

    Valorie Burton: If you have more then one child, you're probably amazed at how vary different two kids from the same parents can be.

    But despite all those differences, there are just two types of children in this world, compliant and strong willed kids. Complaints ones can spoil you as a parent by sleeping through the night, smiling at the grand parents and giggling through diaper changes. As they get older they're happy to help out with tours and enjoy cleaning their rooms up.

    But when the strong willed child comes along, count on all the rules being changed. They arrive complaining about the temperature, demanding prop delivery of every meal and monopolize momma's time from the moment they wake up.

    It's important to view each personality as a positive. The star war kids can turnout just find too, as long as mom and dad are ready for the challenge. The key is to set limits and communicate them well in advance. Then be consistent with enforcing them in love.

    It's important to start early. By shaping that strong will without breaking the spirit, you can prepare even the toughest child for a responsible and successful adulthood.

    All kids thrive better with instruction environment that protects their rights as well as the rights of others.