Parents and School Counseling

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    School counselor Michelle James discusses ways in which school counselors and parents can work together. The video emphasizes the benefits of t PTO and PTA involvement, parent/teacher conferences and effective and consistent communication between home and school.

    Michelle James: Hi! I'm Michelle James, a Counselor at General Smallwood Middle School in Indian Head, Maryland. Today I'm talking about how parents can work with the school counselors to ensure their child's success. Research shows that when parents are involved in the students' lives, achievement improves.

    When your child sees you at school, and they know that parent's have consistent and positive communication with the staff, it leads to positive results. As a school counselor I work with parents to become partners in the success of their child. I encourage all the parents to attend every school event that they can. Weather it's a movie night, or math reading night, or PTA, or PTO meeting, you awe it to your child to get involved. Take the time to sign up for parent conferences, which are one-on-one opportunities to talk about your child's progress, successes, and problems. Continue to monitor your child's homework and academic progress from Grades PreK through 12. Consistent, positive communication is the key. Typically parent involvement drops off in middle and high school, even though this is a critical time in your child's development.

    Study show that the most successful children recognize that their success is tied to how interested and involved you are in their lives. As parents I hope you realize that, that is not out to get your child. We all have a vested interest in your child's future and want what is best for them. Don't be afraid or embarrassed to say that you need help, that is what we are here to do. Remember, it takes a village to raise your child. When a strong partnership is develop between parents and staff, the child can grow in a safe and productive academic environment.