Parkour – Beginner Vaulting

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do beginner vaulting when doing parkour.

    Mark Toorock: Hi, I am Mark Toorock from American Parkour and today we are showing you Parkour. What we are going to show you now is vaulting. Vaulting is one of the basic Parkour moves that you need to learn in order to overcome obstacles fluidly. Skipper is going to do a two-handed vault on this rail. A two-handed vault is a great vault to start with. With both hands you really have control of what you are doing and you can prepare yourself for over the rail.

    Some of the important things with this are your steps leading up to the wall. You need to have good confidence coming into the rail so that you can jump and get your weight up over the rail pushing it past with your hands.

    Another thing is focus. You need to be able to grab the rails. So you should be paying attention to where the rail is. As you run up you are going to take good confident steps. Prepare yourself up, grab the rail, push yourself over. Your legs will go out to the side. So really you don't have to jump very high as your center of gravity isn't moving very much. This is part of the efficiency of a vault.

    Next, we are going to look at some other kinds of Parkour vaults that are more advanced.