Parkour – Cat Leap

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to cat leap in parkour.

    Mark Toorock: Hi! I am Mark Toorock from American Parkour. Today, we are showing you Parkour. The move we are going to show you now is called the cat leap. A cat leap is used mainly when you can't jump to another obstacle because it's too high. So what you can do is jump up absorb the impact with your feet and catch the top with your hands then climb up and over.

    In this situation, imagine if there was a deep gap here, so you couldn't just walk across and climb up. That's where a cat leap would be useful. Getting from one place to another where there is a big difference in height. Leon is going to show us a cat leap.

    Again, one of the most important things about a cat leap is making sure that your feet hit the wall first to absorb the impact before your hands catch. You also want to hold your face back so your face doesn't hit the top of the object at the wall that you are jumping to.

    That's a cat leap in Parkour. Thanks for watching how to do Parkour and there is more information at