Parkour – Precision Jumping

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to do precision jumping when doing parkour.

    Mark Toorock: Hi, I am Mark Toorock for American Parkour. Today, we are showing you Parkour. What we are going to show you now is a Precision jump. A precision jump is very similar to a regular landing. However you are landing on a small object. This does a couple of things. It requires more focus and it also requires balance and greater precision, hence the name precision jump. Leon is going to jump on to this small railing from here, great.

    One thing you will notice is that Leon's feet hit still on the balls of his feet. He is going to do a landing here catching on the balls of his feet and coming into the same squat position we did when, we did a regular jump.

    The next you will need to know is the hands. As Leon is jumping, he is focusing on the railing. He is going to swing his arms forward before he does the jump and then as he jump he will pull them back in the air and then forward again for balance as he finishes the landing. That's a precision jump.

    Next thing we are going to do is basic vaulting in Parkour.