Parkour – Speed Vault

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    This video will show how to speed vault when doing parkour.

    Mark Toorock: Hi, I am Mark Toorock from American Parkour. Today, we are showing you how to do Parkour. The next move we are going to look at is called the Speed Vault. A Speed Vault is a great move to get over an obstacle while preserving your momentum. One of the things you want to be sure to do is jump early enough before the obstacle so that you jump in an angle keeping your speed all the way through the movement. Skipper is going to show us the Speed Vault.

    One thing that you will notice is that he takes off and lands from the same foot. Another important thing about the Speed Vault is making sure to get your torso sideways, so that your legs are out to the side and you clear the obstacle with a minimum of upward force. That way your force mostly continues forward and you keep your speed throughout the movement.

    Next we are going to do Tic Tacs in Parkour.