Parrot Training – Doing an Eagle

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Parrot Expert Jenny Drummey demonstrates doing an eagle.

    Jenny Drummey: Hi, this is Jenny from Phoenix Landing. We are talking about training birds and in this segment, we're going to talk about how to train your bird to raise his wings like a big old eagle. This is Smokey (ph), Smokey is a quaker parrot and one of the things that's interesting about this particular behavior is it points out an example of the way that you can train. Smokey naturally has this sort of shrugging behavior where he lifts his wings a little bit and I thought well, I can easily extend that into an eagle. And sometimes your bird might naturally lift his foot or bob his head or do other things that you can capture and then shape with approximations to do some more training. So Smokey, let's see if we can do some eagle. Are you ready? Eagle. Good! See that little shrug there? What I would do is that I'll only give you one because you missed it. What I would do with that is, continue to extend it until it gets bigger and bigger and bigger. So we'll see once he finishes it, he'll do it again. Smokey, are you ready Smokey? Smokey! Eagle, good! I am trying to break these little bits, I am giving him little cashew and a little Sunflower seed. Smokey, oh, I didn't cue him there. It's not like it's a really good point to bring up. He just did it when I said his name, and I want him to do when I cue him with my arms up and saying, eagle. If they don't do it when you cue them, if you reward the behavior and unfortunately, they will just start throwing it out, throwing it out, and throwing it out and that's not really learning how we ask them to do it. So we'll try again. Smokey, eagle. Good! So again, he's learning there a cue do. I gave him the bridge when he did the the behavior and I gave him the reward. So now I would ask Smokey, eventually, to keep on raising his wings higher and higher and higher until he gets that big eagle and he can show off that big old belly. Good job, Smoker. So in this clip, we showed you how to train your bird to raise their arms, spread their wings for a big eagle and in the next clip, we'll sum everything up.