Parrot Training – Ending the Session

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Parrot Expert Jenny Drummey demonstrates ending the session.

    Jenny Drummey: This is Jenny from Phoenix Landing and we're talking today about training parrots and we are just sort of going to sum up everything that we've talked about in the past few segments. One thing that, you know, is really good to remember about all of this is that each bird is a unique learner, they are going to learn at their own pace. Training is a gradual process and it can build trust between you and your bird. To close up the session, you want to make sure that you ended on the high notes, you want to make sure that your bird is still eager or he is interested in performing. When the bird is no longer leaning forward, he's no longer engaged, although Smokey (ph) seems pretty interested right now, you want to stop it. Like I said, 5-10 minutes each session is good. You'll know very quickly as you work with your bird, what an interested bird looks like and what a non-interested bird looks like. When the bird isn't interested, just stop the session and do it later in the day or another time. You don't have to push them to go beyond anything and each bird learns at their own pace. Another thing to remember too is that as you work with your bird, you guys are going to develop ways to communicate with each other and keep that in mind that you are both learning. Learning is a two-way street; they are learning from you and you are learning from them. Birds are wonderful, intelligent, and smart and they can learn. They are learning all the time and if you have a structured training plan, I think you'll do really well and your bird will spin around on his perch or flap like an eagle or step up on your scale. I hope you'll keep these tips and tricks in mind and you have fun training your parrots because that's really the best thing you can do. Work with your bird to establish a great positive relationship using positive reinforcement.