Perfect Prom Etiquette

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Etiquette expert Elaine Swann shares tips for prom including how to dress, the corsage, and good manners.

    Elaine Swann: Well it's that time of year again where all the young guys and young girls get together to dress their best for prom. I have got some tips here to help you throughout the whole night for prom that will take you from dinner to dancing and back home again.

    First and foremost, don't wait when it comes to finding your date; if you are thinking about who you want to take to the prom ask as early as possible. Now, if you decide that you don't want to go out on a date and you want to go out with an all girl or an all guy date there is no problem with that. Having fun with your friends for prom is a great thing to do.

    Next tip, proper prom attire, be sure that you wear age appropriate clothing, not too adult and not too juvenile either. Keep in mind that many schools have a dress code, so if you just abide by the school's dress code you will do fine and have a great time.

    Should you buy a corsage or boutonniere? Absolutely, it's wonderful for a young man to bring a young lady a corsage. And ladies, it is a good idea for you to buy a boutonniere for your date as well.

    Now before you get to the actual dance itself you will probably take your date out to dinner. For the gentlemen, make sure you do just that, be a gentlemen. Hold the chair out for your date so she can have her sit and allow your date to order first.

    Now everyone at the table, this is guys and girls, be sure that you practice proper table manners. And finally, have fun, and be safe. Keep your curfew and no under age drinking. It's against the law and it could save your life. Your parents love you, they want you to have a good time, but most of all they want you home safe and sound.

    So enjoy your prom this year.