Perfecting Basketball Shot Follow Through

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Basketball expert Arthur Jackson demonstrates how to shoot a basketball including how to achieve the perfect shot follow through.

    Arthur Jackson: Hi! I am Arthur Jackson from One on One Basketball. Right now, we are going to talk about follow-through. One of the most important components to being a good shooter is to follow-through. A lot of times you hear people talk about shooters touch. Well, shooters touch comes from the follow-through. We have talked earlier about our hand placement and where we want the ball in our form of driving up and through, but now we must really concentrate on the release. First and foremost is the offhand. Too many times people keep their offhand on the ball too long and as they do that the ball slides, it forces the ball out of their hand and they do not have correct follow-through. A correct follow-through is we want to have our hand centered on the ball and as I hold it up -- again, we talked about the right angles, as I release my hand comes straight over. So that the ball or leaving my last two finger tips and I am following through with my wrist over top. So as I come up, I want to drive up with my wrist and get it over. Notice the spin on the ball. I am using this multicolored ball now, so that you can see the rotation; if I am doing the correct form and I have my hand in the center, when I rotate the ball the ball almost becomes one color. It spins perfectly. So that is where we want to concentrate on when you are out, working on your on. Make sure a hand is in the middle of the ball; we talked about having our elbow in; we drive the elbow up; as we come, we want to release the opposite hand. Lot of times when you release the opposite hand, those of you that do not have your hand in the center of the ball, the ball is going to slide out, which forces your elbow out and you are going to shoot across your body. We want to make sure we shoot straight over. So, as we come up the opposite hand comes up, our hands is in the center, we drive up and over to the basket. It is very important to concentrate on keeping our hand in the middle and getting our wrist straight over. Once again, I drive up and release straight over to the basket. A lot of times in the pictures you will see, players with their left hand right by their face and their shooting hand extended out with the wrist over; that is what we want to see, placing your hand almost like you are putting it into the basket. Next, we are going to talk about using our power and momentum for shots further out away from the basket.