PETA Says RoboRoach is Bad

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    PETA is criticizing Backyard Brain’s Roboroach technology saying that it encourages kids to bully the insect.

    Not long ago, we brought you a story about Backyard Brain’s RoboRoach—a device that hijack’s a cockroach’s antennae, allowing the human controller to tell the insect to turn left or right using an iPhone.  Now PETA is claiming it’s a classic case of bullying-- and they’re telling on RoboRoach—in this case to the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.  PETA claims the device teaches kids to be mean to insects by pulling their wings off and controlling their mind.  Backyard Brain says it facilitates early interests in neuroscience and provides a training ground for future scientists.  The big question though is do the insects feel pain.  And about that no one is entirely sure.