Philadelphia Residents Get A Taste Of Nature In The City

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Philadelphia boasts several unique public spaces with a variety of views and amenities for locals to enjoy.

    Brad Seecof: Philadelphia has many neighborhood parks. These are a few of the more spectacular ones that the city has to offer. First up, Race Street Pier located right underneath the foot of the Ben Franklin Bridge.

    Nigel Richards: The Race Street Pier is a wonderful conversion from Pier 11. It's a 500 foot long, 80 foot wide pier now park that has spectacular views looking out on to the Delaware River.

    Leah Lim: What makes this park a little bit different is obviously the river view. The view of the bridge is absolutely gorgeous.

    Stacy Irwin: We love coming to Race Street Park. It's new, it's clean, it's just a great opportunity to see the city behind us. We can see the Camden across the river.

    Brad Seecof: Our next stop was the West Philadelphia the Clark Park. This place is full of many hidden treasures.

    Speaker: It is 9 acres in the middle of the city surrounded by residences. And this park has over 300 trees. It also has a fresh food and produce market every Thursday and Saturday.

    Emma Aler: I would go to school here in West Philly, but I had no idea that it was so nice and there is lots of grass and trees and I love all the benches and it felt so European.

    Brad Seecof: Now we are Chestnut Park which is the hidden gem right in the center of the business district and it's a wonderful place to come for a little solitude and lunch.

    Brad Seecof: Located just a few blocks from City Hall is what many Philadelphians believe to be the crown jewel of neighborhood parks.

    Male Speaker: Rittenhouse Square is a wonderful park. It's basically located dead center of the city in a very residential area, surrounded by condominiums, high rises and it's a wonderful place for people to go to enjoy their day and have lunch or breakfast, also there is a lot of vending and street fairs and things like this that happen on the weekends and it's just a great center piece.

    Ali Richardson: Rittenhouse Square Park is one of the most beautiful places in the city to hang out. You have children playing, musicians, people reading and studying, relaxing.

    Shanita Jackson: People of all kinds of nationalities and races can come and get together and enjoy one another's company and just relax and just be free.

    Brad Seecof: From Philadelphia, I am Brad Seecof.