Philadelphia Waterfront’s Unique Treasure

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Visitors to Penn’s Landing waterfront in Philadelphia can see the oldest steel warship in the world.

    Eric Spaar: Philadelphia has a real gem in its harbor, a rare and unique piece of history, the U.


    S. Olympia.

    Jesse Labovics: The Olympia is the oldest steel warship in the world. It is a symbol and the only surviving piece of America's coming to power. It was the ship that brought the unknown soldiers from World War I back to the U.

    S. and it was chosen for that because it was the most famous ship in the world or at least in the U.

    S. Navy at that time.

    Eric Spaar: Anyone can go through and tour this amazing ship, but a tour guide will make the tour much more interesting and informative.

    Max K Kaiserman: So this is one of the five-inch guns onboard the Olympia and we occasionally do gun drills, it would have taken a six-man crew to man this gun in combat.

    They would load the round in just like that, it would just be a projectile and then they would follow it up with powder bags, with just a silk bag full of black powder or smokeless powder and they would ram it.

    That's why this take a six-man crew and then another guy would close it, gun captain would order the coordinates and fire the weapon, the recoil would be about three feet for this gun.

    Male Speaker: And I had absolutely no idea that there is a museum over there. I had no idea that you could go on these ships. You go inside and you see how people have lived and defended the country and then you come up here and say wow! It is just absolutely great; you can't believe you know that something such as this can actually sit on the water. So it's amazing. I would recommend for anybody to come here, take a look at it, get a sense of history.

    Jesse Labovics: The Olympia is worth seeing because she is actually unique of an era. There never was another ship like this, there never will be another ship like this and it's the only surviving ship from this era.

    Eric Spaar: From Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, this is Eric Spaar.