Philadelphia’s Best Dog Parks

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Whether you’re hoping to enjoy a unique space or take advantage of special doggie amenities, there is sure to be a place for your and your pooch.

    Brad Seecof: Philadelphia has plenty of great places for you and your family to relax, and if your family includes a dog, there are plenty of spots made just for them.

    First on our list is the Horsham Dog Park located on the North Side. Much of the park is covered with a special material that helps keep it dry even after a heavy rain.

    Jordan Strassman: I like to come to the Horsham Dog Park because the people here are fantastic, the dogs are very friendly, it's clean, it's well kept up and they are almost always open when I come.

    Brad Seecof: Next we are off to the heart of South Philly the 12th and Reed. Here is a really interesting park. It's one of the few around that both big and small dogs can play together.

    Susan Delazio: I like to come to the dog park because I like to watch the interaction of the owners and the dogs usually if the dogs or barkers, the owners or yellers and if the owners are quite, the dogs are usually quite and subdue.

    Brad Seecof: Warminster Bark Park makes our list because both you and your dog must take a special class to make sure that your dog can play well with others.

    Michele Brown: We are here today with all these great dogs. They are socializing and exercising. The township facilitates a safe environment here. The dogs are having a great time and so are the owners.

    Brad Seecof: If your dog needs a lot of space, Core Creek Dog Park is the place to go. It's the largest in the area.

    Karen McCloskey: I come to the dog park everyday since it opened last June. Dogs have a great opportunity to come and play and socialize with each other, as well as the parents get to hang out and socialize as well. It's well-maintained and it's a great place for a dog.

    Brad Seecof: Seger Run, located at 10th and South, is the choice of many professional dog walkers.

    Meg Kennelley: There are plenty of dogs. There is a great amount of people that come here that really love their animals. And it's right behind Whole Foods, so afterwards you can get a popsicle if you want to and I like that.

    Brad Seecof: From Philadelphia, I am Brad Seecof.