Philadelphia’s Favorite Free Events

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Philadelphia arts organizations invite residents and visitors to enjoy free cultural events featuring unique collections of local and historical art and a variety of music.

    Jonathan Dabrowski: Philadelphia is the birthplace of American freedom and if you could use a little independence from your credit card, the city offers plenty of free events. Philadelphia residents say three of these events are not to be missed. First on the list has to be first Friday in old city. On the first Friday of each month, people crowd the street to take advantage of the countless free attractions. Male Speaker: Anywhere else you go, it cost your money; you can come down here and just walk around, taking the sites. Female Speaker: I love first Friday, I go around and check out the art scene. Female Speaker: There is food, there are things that you can access easily and you don't have to necessarily come and feel like you are being swindled out of your money. Jonathan Dabrowski: Next on the list there is the free concert series held by the Philadelphia Orchestra. Craig Hamilton: We have been doing this for -- I think this will be our 11th year now. The Philadelphia Orchestra each year is really committed to ensuring that everyone has access to the music that we make. Each year, we are going to be doing a free neighborhood concert at Penn's Landing. We then have an additional surprise of concert which again is also free. Jonathan Dabrowski: And finally, one of Philly's most iconic locations also opens its stores for free. Gail Harrity: Everybody can come, everybody can visit the museum. Jonathan Dabrowski: On the first Sunday of each month, the art museum is free to the public, but of course, any donation is welcome. Gail Harrity: Pay what you wish on the first Sundays, is extremely popular and very successful in inviting everyone to the museum. Jonathan Dabrowski: Reporting from Philadelphia, this is Jonathan Dabrowski.