Philly Restaurants Offer More Bang For Your Buck

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    While Philadelphia’s most popular restaurants can be expensive here are five famous eateries that won’t break the bank.

    Brad Seecof: Philadelphia is packed with trendy, exciting and let's face it expensive places to eat. Here are some of the top restaurants in Philadelphia that prove there are still ways to save if you're trying to dime on a budget.

    First on our list, Bella Pizza!

    Marie Arroyo: We're a very family affordable restaurant. We have special style on Monday-All you can eat Pasta for only 435.

    Female Speaker 1: I come here all the time for the not for kids only menu. Look at this pasta, meat balls, garlic bread. For around 4 bucks, you can't beat it.

    Female Speaker 2: I love the wings here. I come here every Tuesday. It's two for the price of one, you cannot beat that deal.

    Brad Seecof: Next step is Daddypops, located 232, North York Road.

    Female Speaker 3: Every time we come to visit my mom, we have to come at Daddypops. It's a family tradition. The atmosphere is fabulous, it's so unique. The food is great. The price is right, Daddypops is the best.

    Brad Seecof: In the mood for a healthy helping overtime, try Amici Milano's.

    Gene Amistadi: Amici Milano's is one of the finest Italian restaurants around. For under $10 you can have lunch, and for five dollars more, you can take one home. I think I'm going to go inside.

    Female Speaker 4: We love to go to Amici Milano's. It's a great Italian restaurant. I can take the whole family there and it's very affordable.

    Brad Seecof: Looking for barbeque with a bang for your buck, Bitter Bob's is the spot. Female Speaker 5: It's the best barbeque along the river. It's affordable enough to bring the whole family. You got to come to Bitter Bob's and check it out.

    Male Speaker: This place is fabulous. We come here all the time. Best barbeque on the Delaware River. Where else can you get a full meal for $10?

    Female Speaker 6: This is the best barbeque around. I mean the two of us can eat for the price of one versus any of the restaurant around. We come clear across town for this.

    Brad Seecof: Can't talk about Philly, without talking about cheese steaks, the tour stop and local favourite, Geno's right here in South Philly.

    Male Speaker 2: I come all the way from North Jersey to go to Geno's Steaks.

    Female Speaker: We come to Geno's because it's a great value for your money and my whole family can afford to eat together. We love those steaks.

    Male Speaker: I'm from Boston, by the away the Philadelphia, Geno's Steak, the best value in town.

    Female Speakers: Geno's Cheese Steaks is the best.

    Brad Seecof: From Philadelphia, I'm Brad Seecof.