Picking the Perfect Jeans

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Jean expert Mauro Farinelli shares his tips for finding the perfect pair of jeans.

    Mauro Farinelli: When you're fitting the perfect pair of jeans you want to start from the waistband and work your way down. Jeff is wearing a skinny jean, whether it's a skinny jean or wide-leg jean, there are basic fit standards.

    The block of the jean needs to be fitted, smooth, and tight. There shouldn't be any access bagginess. When Jeff turns around the Denim should lie across. The flat of your back there is no gapping, there should never be any gapping but the back of the jean is perfect where it's fitted through the hamstring and the then the appropriate whiskering hits Jeff at his knee joint.

    Next we have Emily. Once again, when she's standing up, there is no sagginess through the block. It's nice and fitted, it's very fitted through the quad which woman -- if you're buying fitted jeans that's how the jean is supposed to fit. She turns around, the jean is slug against the small of her back, the way the yoke hits and the pocket placement sits on her butt gives her a nice shaped butt which woman that's -- I know what you're going for.

    The hamstring once again, it's very fitted through the back and the whiskering is hitting the correct location of her leg. Shopping for the perfect pair of jeans is simple.