Picture Perfect Summer Makeup Tips

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Makeup expert Amanda Bell demonstrates how to keep eyebrows, lashes and lips looking great throughout the summer.

    Amanda Bell: Finally summer is here. So it's always a tricky time of the year to get your makeup exactly right. So here are my top essential tips to achieve perfect summer beauty.

    It's very, very difficult to achieve perfect eyebrows, so my top tip is actually working the color backwards through your eyebrows. So what this actually does is, it fills in the gap in between the hairs of the eyebrows, which you can then brush into place. It is always tricky to get your mascara on perfectly.

    So apply some color to the upper lashes from above with a rolling motion to the brush, once the mascara has been on the lashes for about 10 seconds, zigzag the brush through the upper lashes from below and push your finger up against the lashes, as they're actually drying and you're almost pushing them into a gorgeous curled position.

    If you feel your lips are little on the skinny side and you want to make your lips look a little bit fuller, take a little bit of a highlighting powder and actually just apply it on the cupid's bow. And what does is it just reflects the light and makes your upper lip look so much fuller.