Pink Lady Apples

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    The U.S. Apple Association shares facts and recipe ideas for the Pink Lady apple.

    Female Speaker: Here's the Pink Lady, also known as the Cripps Pink named for its reddish pink blush. It has a sweet yet tart taste that features just a hint of strawberry and pear. It's one of my favorite apples for baking because it keeps its bright pink coloring and texture. It's available year-around and it stays fresh for a long time.

    The Pink Lady was developed in Australia and introduced States side just a few years ago, and even though it's in a newer Apple on the shelf, it's already one of the most popular. I love it with the cream cheese fruit dip. So while you may not have grown up with Pink Ladies in the outback, you'll definitely want to grow old with them here in the US.