Pizza – Combination

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Yasser Bacillus demonstrates how to make combination pizza.

    Hi this is Adjani (ph) from Deli Italiano. I want to make different pizza, right now. Combination, I put the sauce, okay. Thats mozzarella, that's ham, that's Hawaiian Pizza, Hawaiian style, pineapple; this is little ricotta cheese. Okay, this is meat lover pepperoni, ham, sausage, meat ball, that's a Meat Lover Pizza. I want made here four season pizza. I put tomato, that's vegetarian pizza, four seasons, artichoke, roasted pepper, that's four season and that's very healthy. I need one mushroom; I cut it, that's it; and this side I leave here for cheese pizza. I made it four, this is meat, this is Hawaiian, this is four season and this is just cheese. That's Meat Lover, that's Hawaiian pizza, ham, pineapple and ricotta cheese, of course mozzarella cheese and four seasons. Okay, right now I want to put the combination pizza at 450 degree about 12 and 14 minutes. Right now I won't check up about the combination pizza, I put it right now like 14 minutes. I go, oh, pizza done. When you see the crust brown, like this brown, the pizza done. I'm ready to cut pizza, that's Meat Lover here, that's Hawaiian, that's four season, and that's just a cheese. Okay, and right now pizza ready, okay?