Pizza – Making the Sauce

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Yasser Bacillus demonstrates how to make pizza, including how to make the sauce.

    Hi this is Adjani (ph) from Deli Italiano. Now we make the pizza sauce, we need right now for pizza sauce one clove of garlic, this is chopped, and the three leaves, basil and black pepper, oregano, and salt and one cup and half ground tomato and one and third cup pizza sauce and parmesan cheese, depends, some people like parmesan, some people who don't like it. Okay, right now we put the ground tomato. Here, okay? Pizza sauce, I put the garlic, green basil, and this is, I put little black pepper like this for taste, salt like this, easy, oregano I put one teaspoon like two teaspoon, one, this is two. After that mix it together, I like parmesan cheese. I put three teaspoon. I love parmesan, right now I mix it together. Some people like the sauce thick, some people like thin, if you like it thin you can put some water, little water like this, put it in, the sauce become thinner. Okay, that's it, pizza sauce right now ready and we need -- we want to start to put the pizza sauce on the pizza.