Pizza – Making White, Veggie and Combo

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Yasser Bacillus demonstrates how to make white, veggie, and combo pizza.

    My name is Yasser Bacillus (ph), I'm the owner of Deli Italiano. Weve been in business for 17 years and we are located in Village Green, Great Falls Virginia. And we specialize on making Pizzas, Subs, Calzones, Burger, Salads, you name it we have it inside and everything here is home made, that's why today we are going to show you how to make a lot of things, Pizza sauce, Marinara sauce, we are going to even show you how to open the pizza, top the pizza, and bake the pizza, just follow me inside and we will show you how to do everything.

    Hi, this is Adjani (ph) from Deli Italiano. Today we talk about homemade pizza. The first step is making the dough. Now to make the dough, this is what I need here. I need 150ml olive oil, 150ml milk, two cups water, warm water, one teaspoon baking powder, one teaspoon yeast, two big spoon butter and sugar, and salt. Now the first, I put the oil, after I put two cups warm water here, after I put here, I use this two spoon, big spoon butter, we can melt the butter on medium heat, after the butter melted, I put the milk, okay? Just mix it, put it, okay? Next step, I put one teaspoon baking powder, then I put one teaspoon yeast, okay?

    Now I put one spoon salt, big spoon and one big spoon sugar. Now we mix it, together, five minutes in low speed, we put the flour, okay right now. After five minutes, right now I put the flour here, like this, take this right now that's easy. Yeah, I start it slow now we put the flour and we mix it together like ten minutes, okay? We just mix the dough; this is what it looks like. I made it like this, because easy. I cut it, what I needed; I need large like this, 16 ounce 17 ounce. I made like ball, that's bigger, large one, this one large, this is another one. I made right now one smaller, if I have, I need a smaller, like seven ounces, this is a smaller for Calzone, for kids, small pizza, okay? This is like this, we made it like ball, and we close it and down and put it like this, easy. I have three large and two for kids or for Calzones, this is one, this dough enough for 12 persons. Now I put cover, plastic cover, like this. I put it in warm temperature; I leave it like one hour, room temperature.