Pizza – Vegetarian

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Yasser Bacillus demonstrates how to make vegetarian pizza.

    Hi, this is Adjani (ph) from Deli Italiano. We made that pizza right now, the dough here, pizza sauce beside me, and we made vegetarian pizza right now. I have tomato, I have red onion, I have the green pepper, black olives and the fresh mushroom, and this is the mozzarella cheese, this is, you buy it from any store, mozzarella. We start, I put the pizza sauce, I put it and made it like circle, like this, bigger, bigger, now the pizza sauce, okay? After I put little mozzarella like this, some people like extra cheese, some people like light cheese. Okay, I put red onion, green pepper, fresh mushroom, tomato, chopped tomato; thin, okay? Right now I put cheese, after I like to put the black olives on the top and thats black olives.

    Okay, right now the pizza ready. I start the oven, 450 degree, that's right now, oh, very hot. I put the pizza, now I put the pizza in the oven, I don't know exactly how much take time, maybe 10 minutes, maybe 14 minutes, but every time I watch the pizza. I keep my eyes open. Right now I check about pizza and starting I see the crust brown, once the crust is brown; the pizza is done, like this, that's done, okay? I want right now cut it, If I want, if we have children I cut it small slices, I make two, like this smaller, that's pizza. Right now the pizza done, looks gorgeous, it's ready to eat.