Pizza – White

    Published: 06-16-2009
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    Chef Yasser Bacillus demonstrates how to make white pizza.

    Hi, this is Adjani (ph) from Deli Italiano, this is what I need I want to make, right now white pizza. I need garlic, chopped garlic that's I put it here. I need butter, I put some butter here on, and little olive oil, that's it. I put some Oregano and this, I mix it, then I put garlic, and butter and olive oil, little oregano, right now. I spread the sauce around the dough, okay. Right now, I put mozzarella, that's done. That's ready. That's white pizza. Okay, right now, I have white pizza, I need white pizza in the oven for 150 degree and right now I put it, this, okay for 12 minutes to 14 minutes. Okay right now, I think my pizza done, I check up. That's done, beautiful white pizza.